Great Pyrenees

Our Pyrenees are true working LGD’s,  they are a perfect bonded pair, they work amassing together!

They do exactly what they were bred to do naturally.

They protect our flock goats family and other dogs.

They are mellow dogs that love people,  both have excellent happy personalities at the same time a tremendous drive to do their jobs.

They are both badger marked, I have some pics of them below as they have grown to show the transformation of the marks as they age, by around 9 months there is little to no color where the masks start as puppies you can hardly see any markings on either of them now, hard to believe how much they change and how quickly!

They both have nice dark points, Cake has a soft gentle look to her while Blizzard has a huge head and big round eyes, both have soft extremely full and plush coats that not only protect them from the elements but also act as armor to protect them from enemies of our our family ranch.

They are quite a majestic site to see in person!


Baby Cake

Cake at 1 year what a beautiful girl she is!


Blizzard @ 6 weeks

Teenage Blizzard

Big Beautiful Blizz

Blizzard working

They have taken down Coyotes and even a Pesky Porcupine that quilled 3 of my dogs in the past.

They are truly great family friends and fantastic guardians.