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Golden Retriever Puppies are Here!

If interested in a puppy please fill out our adoption application at the bottom of this page, please do not text as your initial contact.

Born 12-19-19

Photos updated on 1-22

Parents are Eevee (Dam) and Rango (Sire)

  1. First pick Female Reserved
  2. Second pick Female Reserved
  3. Third pick Female Available
  4. Fourth pick Female Available


The Girls

Dancer Purple Female


Holly Yellow Female


Joy Pink Female


Vixen No Collar Female


The Boys

  1. First pick Male Reserved
  2. Second pick Male Available
  3. Third pick Male Available
  4. Fourth pick Male Available


Drummer Red Male


Klaus Green Male


Klondike Light blue Boy


Tinsel No Collar Male


Ready to come home soon after Valentines day!

They are a lovely light cream to white in color,  they will have nice non blotchy colored coats and block heads.

Reservations are by pick order, picks can be made at around 5-6 weeks as personalities emerge  to help ensure that each one goes the most suitable home for him or her.

These pups have a very very low COI of 1.26 in their 10 generation pedigree!!!

The breed average for golden retrievers is a whopping 8.32!

They have begun daily ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) AKA “The bio Sensor or Super Dog Method” and the Puppy Culture Protocol they are being raised in a clean healthy non smoking environment indoors. We will introduce other dogs big and small and our kitty as soon as they are old enough, plus lots of sounds smells and textures, then on to basic training exercises to help ensure our puppies are more confident and courageous plus enjoyable and fun to be around, our intent with all of our time and training is to produce well balanced easily trained best friends with the best manners possible thus keeping that puppy from the threat of ever going to the pound, being given away or regularly locked in a backyard or kennel…

In addition I also practice placing the correct type of medium under our puppies as they grow changing it at each stage so they have superior footing, as we now know genetics play a smaller role than we once assumed regarding hip and elbow health, hence the reason 2 dogs with passing hips (Fair, Good or Excellent) and elbows (Normal) can still produce dysplatsic puppies, environment nutrition and proper exercise at the correct times in development starting at birth also play crucial roles in healthy joints.

 Good footing in the whelping box starting on day 1 will ensure their little legs are able to stand correctly with feet flat under them and not just slipping and sliding around the whelping box damaging the growing hip and elbow balls and sockets.

Question – What exactly is ENS?

When a puppy is only 3-16 days old, we can’t know what the puppy will be like. He/she isn’t formed yet. Many breeders, service dog organizations, military and working groups use this formative time to teach a puppy to better handle stress. The ENS or Super Dog/Puppy method is one way of adding a small amount of neurological stress to a puppy (Early Neurological Stimulation). Things like holding the puppy in a particular position or touching him a particular way, placing briefly on uncomfortable surfaces are introduced in order to stimulate the puppy’s neurological system. It is thought that this early introduction can help a puppy later be more comfortable in times of stress and better able to cope.

In case you are wondering about Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture is a socialization and training program specifically developed for puppies from birth through the end of their critical socialization period, with age appropriate protocols and lessons laid out in an organized format.

Puppy Culture is based on the premise that the puppy always leads the learning, and puppies learn best by appropriate experiences at the appropriate time. So what we are doing as breeders and trainers is observing each puppy based on the behavioral markers, we serve the puppy the experience or lesson that is optimal for him/her at that moment in time we do not teach all puppies the same they are all taught as individuals so they can effectively lead the training sessions to build confidence.

By letting the puppy lead in lessons, we are:

•maximizing the benefit of any given protocol or lesson
•minimizing any danger of over facing or scaring the puppy
•creating confidence and self-efficacy by presenting the appropriate level of challenge so that the puppy CAN do the task without failing or presenting a danger to himself.

Many puppies/dogs are labeled as having behavior or temperament issues when they are simply being served an inappropriate experience during their young developmental age. This can hobble the puppy for the rest of his life with an unjust label that will cause people to treat him/her in a less positive manner. By letting the puppy lead, you avoid this and enjoy your puppy for the wonderful individual that he/she is.

We watch the puppy  to see what learning experience/s he/she’s ready for. Learning what those experiences are and how to effectively serve them to the puppy is a big part of the Puppy Culture program.

Why is this so important? Because things that are perfect in one developmental period could be useless or even detrimental in the next, and vice versa. So we know where your puppy is developmentally, and what to do “right now”. all info on each puppy is cataloged from day 3 until our puppies leave us at around 9 weeks.

Yes, Puppy Culture is a “positive,” reinforcement-based program and we do not use corrections or outmoded dominance theory.

I am lucky enough to have the space, equipment, time and energy it takes to perform the daily training and nurturing required to dedicate to each of our puppies.

First vaccine will be given at 8 weeks, deworming starts at 2 weeks and 4 weeks with Pyrantel, then again with Safeguard at 6 and 8 weeks for 5 straight days. Puppies will also have a well puppy exam with my vet prior to leaving us.

They will be able to leave us only when we feel confident that he or she is ready emotionally and they have stayed with me for 1 week post first vaccination. By 9 weeks they are generally ready to come home.

They will come with age appropriate vaccines as stated above, we use Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv this vaccine was chosen because it does NOT contain Thimerosal and has shown good results of overriding the mothers immunizes in the hopes that it will be fully effective at a younger age than some other vaccines have proven, de-worming again more detailed info above, an AKC registration application, toys, a small blanket food and vitamin samples, a head start on basic social and behavioral training, great start to potty and crate training plus lots of love hugs, kisses and cuddles by the whole family!

Both Parents are fully genetically tested, no puppies will be affected by any genetic mutations including ICT.

Sire Has Also Passed with OFA for His Hips and Elbows, His Sire is Excellent/Normal as Well, There are Many Healthy – Hip/Elbow Tested Dogs on Both Sides of His Pedigree. Dam’s Parents are Also Both Good/Excellent on Hips and Normal Elbows. They Have Good Joint History on Both Sides of the Litter’s Pedigree for multiple generations.

Puppies K9data pedigree